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Custom Sex Doll

We offer a variety of high end luxury sex dolls, but because some customers have their own taste, we offer custom sex doll according to the taste of the customer.

Our custom made sex doll will allow you to design your own dream girl according to the body size, chest size, skin color, color of the eyes and other features that the customer himself want. This allows the customer enjoy what she really wants. We are basically making your dream come true.

How will we make a custom sex doll for you?

  • You will be required to fill a contact form, and let lifesizerealdoll know the type of custom sex doll you are interested in.
  • We will reply on the requirements you have listed and if need be we will need more information and give you the quotation of the whole doll.
  • Our artists will start with the crafting of your sex doll once we agree with the specifications. The designs will be confirmed to you through photographs and sketches.
  • Once the sketches are  approved we will start with the creation of the girl of your dreams.Our material is lifelike TPE and a metal skeleton for durability.
  • Once complete we’ll send you image of the final product and get your approval and get her ready for shipping.
  • After your we will pack your dream girl discreetly and deliver her to your doorstep within few business days and enjoy the dream girl.


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